Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Education Sectors are people too!

It's an interesting thing you know, that all my talk about sectors and going from here to there, isn't so much after all, in the grand scheme of things!

It's not that I'm "about-facing", but I've thought lately that it's about people; people utilising place and experience together.

Take Flexible Learning Leaders for example - the program I was involved in last year with 30-odd other talented and motivated Australian educators! Of this group a number have not only moved between institutions, but also between education sectors. This however, doesn't change their motivations and innovative work - in fact it most certainly spreads it around for the greater good. What a priviledge to share knowledge!

Having just completed my reflective report, I've realised that the concepts and motivations I have still remain. Appropriating those concepts for further use (in my case within another sector) is challenging in an intellectual sense. It has enahcned my own theoretical approach to my work - whatever and wherever I may be.

I started my FLL program with staff development in mind. Slowly that changed to how to manage different personalities (emotional intelligence). What became apparent following that was an increase in my own self-awareness and how I was perceiving the work-personal development relationship.

So I talked to others in my workplace about their personal experiences at work. What resulted was a collection of short stories highlighting the workplace experience and how people interact in that 'space'. In this way, the FLL project 'belonged' to others that I worked with, to do with what they thought necessary to keep the organisation developing in a positive and effective way (which, for a country-based community education centre is inherent to its work with community!). As David Bellingham (2001) says:

Stories reveal. Stories motivate. Stories bind individuals into teams. Stories create solutions.

Towards the end of 2002, we ended my official project with a staff day based around the theme of a Web. This denoted online flexible learning, but also the connections we make (and those we need to make) with each other to be an effective team in providing community support and education. The diagram here was presented in Adelaide as part of the Flexible Learning Leaders Sharing Workshop, emphasising the connections that were seen as important to generating an effective team for the purposes of implementing flexible learning strategies.

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