Monday, June 28, 2004

Blogging - still on the radar

Blogging is still on my Ed design radar! I haven't posted in a bit due to the busy time of year.

Headspace is such a fragile possession don't you agree? Still, we are now in an era of "making time" rather than "having time"! It sounds rather like a potion for those in the know doesn't it!

Dreamworks SKG Animation Fansite - Shrek 2

I saw Shrek 2 on the weekend and all the potions of the fairy godmother would be worth a mint to the CEOs and directors of our various organisations I'm sure! I couldn't go past the "happily ever after" potion myself - it's the idealist in me I think!

So what about blogs then?
I was speaking with my colleagues about how blogs are being used in teaching and learning. We will do well to follow up on some of the current uses out there at present. USA, UK and Australia particularly are making strides in blog use. From and ed design perspective, it presents a more human / less techno-driven focus to designing for teaching and learning.

A good place to get started with blogs is at And of course, click the link to Blogspot in the top banner of this page to see how this free service works! There are some very good free blogging services available and most cater for the low-end technical user (providing excellent help fetures, templates and user-friendly customisable features like comment tools). Audio an dphoto blogging are being catered for more readily too. The age of the personal webspace is booming! No need to learn html (although it adds functionality to your sites in many ways I think!) and lots of features that usually require your own server-side system to be set up to capture information (like comments).

    How long will the blog phenomenon last?
    To what level of sophistication will it reach?
    How will blogs work to encourage further user-centred behaviour?
    Will we see a more sophisticated user rise from the blogging medium as the quintessential learner of the future?
    Will users be the producers of the future?

Many questions arise and many are currently being question dear to my heart is how does it promote the learning experience?

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