Thursday, April 07, 2005

Peter Haeusler on 'Student Perceptions of Learning'

I'm really excited about hearing Peter Haeusler talk about student perceptions of learning at our next Pedagogy and Practice meeting! This will enhance my questioning from my previous posting on expectations versus perceptions, I'm hoping!

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Marg O'Connell said...

This session was just great! Thanks again to Peter for taking time out to join us and share his findings and interest in learning and to mull over the issues surrounding students' learning expectations AND providing the group with some impetus to carry the discussion further.

I was left with the gratifying feeling that those academics who really care about their teaching and the impact it has on their learners ARE STILL AROUND!

I think I will also revisit a couple of articles reporting on student perceptions of learning, one I've referenced here:
Howland, J.L and Moore, J.L. (2002) Student Perceptions as Distance Learners in Internet-Based Courses, Distance Education, 23(2), 183-195.