Wednesday, June 01, 2005

HEWRR...Get a bus to town and be heard!!

You will have heard about today's National Day of Protest to changes to Workplace Rights at universities, that is, the Federal Government?s Higher Education Workplace Relations Requirements (HEWRR).

If you're heading to town, make sure you go along to support the protest!

Jenny Macklin voiced Labor's stance against the HEWRR, in a media release earlier today. Here's a snippet from that release:
...The Howard Government has announced unprecedented workplace relations conditions for university and TAFE funding that have nothing whatsoever to do with the core function of universities and TAFEs to provide education and training. ...... The Howard Government?s conditions will mean:
  • Australian Workplace Agreements to prevail over certified agreements that must be offered to all staff
  • Threats to existing conditions including current levels of redundancy payouts and maternity leave
  • The removal of limits to casual employment levels.
...and so the pendulum swings...

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