Saturday, December 17, 2005

So this is Christmas...

Artist: Tamara Voorn (see more here and here)

Well, I certainly don't wish to 'bah-humbug' christmas, but it doesn't feel like the festive season (just yet?) and I'm really not big on the shopping fiasco that seems to begin earlier each passing year! The pic above is by Tamara Voorn from Amsterdam and shows a different colour scheme for Christmas! Throws a different perspective on the whole Christmas thing huh!

So, how has 2005 been for you? What will 2006 bring you?

I'm looking for some fresh perspectives, new ideas, ever-widening circles of friends and professional partnerships.

What did you enjoy most about this year, 2005?

I think the best parts of 2005 for me were partially obscured by more negative events, but with everything there is a balancing force! One thing that stands out for me is discovering and making the most of the fantastic collegial relationships within the Centre for Learning and Teaching Support! Brilliant people doing amazing things in a climate that is often stifling and highly bureaucratic.

What will you be looking for in 2006?

As I mentioned above, there will be some new things, but I hope to rediscover my love of teaching, as well as enjoy being newly married to my wonderful partner! ;o) I'm also going to work on making it through to the end of 2006 without feeling burnt out!

I'm also hoping that Australia will continue to grow and develop as a community of caring and open-minded people. There are many different ways of viewing the world and looking at who we are - take Christmas for example; people all over the world celebrate Christmas but in many different ways and some don't celebrate it at all!

How do you celebrate Christmas?


Michael said...

Hey Marg,

I'm certainly with you on the lack of a festive season... what is it about growing up that destroys the buildup and magic of (what we call) traditional Xmas?

You said: "I'm also going to work on making it through to the end of 2006 without feeling burnt out!" ... I'll look forward to hearing how you plan that! I'm currently managing only 1 post every week or two on my blog (, along with looking after 2 kids with my wife and teaching at TAFE... something has to give and I certainly don't want it to be my Family or my classes... hmmm.

Well, thanks for your thoughts over 2005 (I've been lurking without commenting, sorry!) and look forward to reading your thoughts in 2006 :)

Marg O'Connell said...

Hi Michael and thanks for your comments!

1. Still not sure how NOT to burn out, but I'm going to actively work on it - I'll keep you posted ;o)

2. You're posting more than I am with 1-2 posts per week! I aim to post at least once a week in 2006...bear witness K! BTW - lurkers are always welcome! ;oP

3. LOVE your blog - new look? Can you tell me more about Squible cos the layout is really noiiiice! If you've got some time pls email me: marg_oc[at]yahoo[dot]com, would love to find out more!

Cheers and a Happy New Year to you! :o) Marg