Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Finding the Extraordinary in the Everyday

"If you don't fit in their groove, they don't want to know you," Hart once said of the Australian art community. Hart gained his widest recognition in Australia when he featured in a television carpet advertisement, painting a carpet with spaghetti, milk, wine and other foods. "Oh Mr Hart, what a mess!" was the catchcry (WikiNews).

Pro Hart's work for me, is summed up in this one advertisement, which left such an impression on me as a kid! It sums up the artist for me; he captured the essence of the everyday life in vibrant colours and vivid forms.

If we could all but see the world saturated in colour perhaps we would be able to do away with the terms mediocre and mundane?

It propels me to see more of the extraordinary in the everyday.

Image from Rueters

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