Thursday, May 04, 2006

An autumn clean-out

I love the in-between seasons! In the West (of Oz) there's not so much variation in the climate as to notice four distinct seasons. Since I've been East, it's been great to enjoy four seasons and their transitions!

So, with the change comes a small change on my blog - I'm sure you've noticed! Perhaps I'm being influenced by the lovely array of autumnal colours! I feel like I've dusted the mantle and changed the flowers in the vase - generally freshen things up a bit. :o)

I've been reading various bloggers lately who have noted their need for change; something I've felt for a bit too, but wasn't too sure where to start. I considered the process Keith is taking and thought 'now that's being organised!'; I noted the changes made to other blogs which just appeared (like a 'just do it' thang I s'pose) and in the end I had to agree with Will and say it is about letting go!

For me, it's also about traveling beyond the indefatigable postings and ensuing commentary and discussion, and sitting with one's reflections, spending time (and headspace) processing them. Pauses are just as important as the "stuff" between them! I feel there's a nurturing element to all this too. In the same way we might nurture our needs in our physical world (we love a bit of chicken soup when we're poorly), perhaps we also need to do so online, acknowledging that our online and physical worlds coalesce.

Now, dare I now continue my autumn clean-out and tackle my bulging filing cabinet?!!

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