Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Sept 26: A cross-fertilisation of ideas (Open Polytechnic)

I recorded this short audio post with Marica, following dinner, reflecting on our day at the Open Polytechnic (Marcia's workplace and a distance education polytechnic based in Wellington).

this is an audio post - click to play

Presentation in K block (Tuesday) Lunch at Galleria (Tuesday)
I conducted a conversation at the Open Polytechnic about the current goings on in the Australian Flexible Learning scene and how it was preparing us for a future of learning. There was some exchange of ideas and experiences, some similar and some quite different. My wiki has a mash-up of presentation notes available.

Thanks to the Open Polytechnic staff for welcoming me into their workplace, and for sharing their experiences - in particular, Brent, Sue, Linda, Jerome, Judy, Anouk and Marica - I really appreciated it! I will be in touch with more questions shortly (especially about Moodle Linda!) :o)

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