Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ASCILITE 2006 delta team reunited!

ASCILITE 2006 delta team reunited!
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End of day one saw the DELTA (Designing Electronic Learning and Teaching Approaches) team reunited in a short presentation about the professional development experiences the DELTA development and evaluation supported.

It was a great experience to present with most of the team once again, and we ran the presentation as we might have one of our development meetings, where we could model the consensus approach we used to inform our decision making process and continue the development of DELTA. We presented in a 'round-robyn' format, highlighting key points from participatory action research that framed our process and also informed our evaluation module where we collected our own reflections about DELTA and aspects of its development. We used our reflections alongside the data collected from other sources.

More about the paper and presentation via the ASCILITE site, but I'll also upload the slides for viewing here shortly.

Thanks to Robyn, Gayani, Charlotte and Sintie for their work on the presentation (Sintie for taking some photos!) and for sharing their reflections as part of the presentation. It was a good chance to look back on the experience, given it is the 1st anniversary after our disbanding as a team from CeLTS (closed end of 2005).

If you are interested to know more about DELTA, it has been re-launched from the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University and you can contact either Robyn or Charlotte for more details there.

More on day two shortly!

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