Thursday, February 10, 2005

Knowledge workers - the millenial academic?

Pink's article in Wired on the left brain-right brain paradigm, tells us that '... Peter Drucker gave ... professionals an enduring [endearing?], somewhat wonky, name: knowledge workers'.
What distinguished members of this group and enabled them to reap society's greatest rewards, was their 'ability to acquire and to apply theoretical and analytical knowledge.

Pink calls the new age of information the Conceptual Age.

This reminded me of a recent ABC Radio feature on Tony Delroy's Nightlife, with Demographer, Bernard Salt (Wednesday 9th Feb, 2005). They discussed the changing demographics of Australian society from the seachangers to the 'treechangers', helicopter kids, and more! They discussed the characteristics of the babyboomers, gen x-ers and the y generation (today's teenagers and early twentysomethings).

This is quite topical at the moment. Salt commented in reply to a talkback question that todays 'millenials' are not intersted in blue collar jobs and want to get into the business, IT, communications, etc white collar world.

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