Friday, May 20, 2005

Busy-ness and business

Phew! I can't believe it's Friday AGAIN!

I thought I'd do a quick wrap on events taking place over the past two weeks, as I've struggled to have enough reflection time to formulate a more considered response enough to feel I can post is a collection of incoherent, disjointed thoughts to end the week...

* When will it RAIN in Melbourne??? My lemon trees are shrinking.
* Thank you Cathy Kell for visiting us at Monash Uni from the University of Auckland! I have a strong feeling we will meet again!
* I had a wonderful meeting with an academic in the Education faculty, who is biting the bullet and giving blogs a go with her Singaporean students, beginning end of May! I'm buoyed by this, as we will finally have a chance to evaluate how well the blogging process works in action!
What makes a good blog anyway? (Ken Smith)
Check out a blog conference underway in Sydney at present!
* The more I act the more I know we as human beings must enact our experiences for them to become meaningful! I'm really enjoying being a part of a small playback performance group at the moment!
* I'm gearing up to travel overseas in a couple of weeks. It's an interesting process shifting your mind from one place into another and back again. It's not just a border-crossing, but a transfer of mind and experiences!
* I'm thinking of my sister who has just flown to Costa Rica to undertake 10 weeks of community based volunteer work. Man is she gutsy! Hope you have fun and learn heaps girl! :o)

...and finally, a line from Freire (just coz it's Friday after all!)...
...while humanization and dehumanization are real alternatives, only the first is man's (sic) vocation (p.20, chapter 1, Pedagogy of the Oppressed).
Have a wonderful weekend world! :o)

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