Monday, May 16, 2005

Freire Friday (urr, Monday?) ... on revolution

(Well, I missed my self-imposed Friday deadline, so it's Freire on Monday instead!)

Freire said:
I interpret the revolutionary process as dialogical cultural action which is prolonged in 'cultural revolution' once power is taken. In both stages a serious and profound effort at conscientization is necessary. It is the necessary means by which men (sic), through a true praxis, leave behind the status of objects to assume the status of historical Subjects (p.128, chapter 4).

I thought it quite timely that I landed on this quote! Given our organisation's current state of flux under a restructure, this stood out to me. How I read it was like this...

...the revolutionary process works like a conversation which helps to define the actions undertaken, or enacted, by the memebrs of a community. In order for this process to indeed be revolutionary, memebers must be fully conscious and 'present' in their awareness of the conversation(s) unfolding.

In this way, only then can we truly connect with one another and engage in a reflexive process that enables us to reflect on our actions in the process, as it is occurring. We can do this by acknowledging where we have come from but instead of being stuck in the past and in hisotrical favourites let's say, we can move into new territories, trusting that we have learnt something from the past, rather than engaging in the same drama over and over again!

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