Monday, August 01, 2005

Futures Forum 2005

In a couple of previous posts, I asked what higher education might look like in twenty years, sharing some of my thoughts with Susan Smith Nash...

Here is a publication of the 2004 EDUCAUSE Futures Forum papers discussing a range of issues facing higher ed in the future. Of interest to me is the article on the 'Artful Brain', along with 'Multimedia Scholarship' and 'Next Generation Educational Software'. See for yourself!


Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Marg,

Just came across your blog now and was hoping you'd be up for joining me and a few friends for a BBQ in the Blue Mountains NSW on October 21st.

I reckon we'd have a lot to gain by having you there, and I'd like to think we have something to offer you too.

Basically the barby is a get together for people interested in free and open online teaching and learning.

For more info check out the event wikipage, and the eGroup archive if you're looking to get an idea of the group's dynamics.

Regards, and pleased to have found your blog (now in my reader).
Leigh Blackall

Leigh Blackall said...

PS. My email is leighblackall[at]gmail[dot]com