Monday, August 15, 2005

The passing of an inspirational leader

On 4th August 2005, Nola Campbell passed away after a courageous battle against cancer for many years.

She will be missed by many across Australia and New Zealand for her enthusiasm and hard work in her teaching. She was a valued member and mentor of the Flexible Learning Leaders (FLL) program, and one of the first to be awarded FLL funding when it began (FL Fellows then). She has been instrumental in bringing the FLL program to NZ, now in its second year there.

Tributes have flooded in (one example here), personal and heartfelt, which shows how much she touched the lives of many.

Nola, we will miss you. We will carry on your dream to see flexible learning continue to gain the respect and carriage it deserves through the hard work and commitment of many.

God bless.

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Marica Sevelj said...

Hello Margaret
As we all try to adjust to life without Nola I keep being reminded of her belief that the vision is far greater than any one person. You are right when you say it is now our responsibility to continue the work that has been started by so many visionary people for the benefit of future learners everywhere.
Take care,