Wednesday, October 04, 2006

OLT Conference 2006 : Learning on the Move

Whilst I was in New Zealand last week, my colleague Leonard attended the OLT Conference in Queensland, where he presented our paper, Learner-centric design of digital mobile learning.

We received the Best Paper Award! Thanks to the reviewers and the conference chairs for their support!

Mobile Learning » Learner-Centric Design of Digital Mobile Learning

Other OLT2006 papers can be accessed here. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about our paper ...

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Marica said...

Congratulations Marg and Leonard - you must be feeling absolutely thrilled. I'll be sure to distribute the paper at work.

Best wishes,

Marg O'Connell said...

Thanks Marica, it was a lovely surprise to return home to.

Look forward to feedback about our paper. I've just been reading one written by Geraldine Torrisi-Steele in fact, titled The making of m-learning spaces. Interesting to get a range of views about m-learning and its potential.

Marg :o)

Lionel said...

Deb - brilliant, congrats.

You've got this distance e-dodah thing down so pat you can win awards for presentations when you're not even in the country.

Keep up the good work!

Marg O'Connell said...

Cheers L!

Do you mean brilliant aka award, or brilliant paper? I'd be keen to hear your feedback on the paper, if you're interested? :o)

I'm off to play on Seeking now!