Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year resolutions for teaching and learning

I don't normally contend with new year's resolutions, but for some reason talk about resolutions insists on wandering into my arc of hearing :o)

I've listened to some comments on the local radio and have skipped through articles that share new year's resolutions, most of which are the standard... lose weight, be happier, don't smoke, etc (not that these aren't admirable of course!) ... even gardening!

I thought to myself, "self, what about some resolutions to do with teaching and learning for 2007?" "What about them?" I replied, "I feel I have yet to resolve 2006!!"

So, here is my list of aspects of teaching and learning I will resolve to engage in over 2007 (and perhaps I'll be back to this list January 3rd 2008 to see how I did!):
  • see things through (learn from the past but don't stay there)
  • less is more (don't get carried away)
  • think out aloud (others can hear you more clearly!)
  • if all else fails, learn from it (failure is good m-key!)
  • do something that alters the status quo (for me and for learners!)
  • tell (and listen to) stories about learning that are good and not-so-good
  • make room for the difficult questions (goes well with 'less is more'!)
A happy new year to you all.

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